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Swany Size Chart


Swany Performance Premium Gloves and Mittens

Swany Gloves and Mittens Size Chart

To figure hand size, wrap tape measure around the knuckles of your hand and then form a fist (exclude your thumb). The tape measurer should be a little loose. The number of inches is the hand size.

Toddlers (sizing based on age)

1-2 Small
3-4 Medium

Juniors (sizing based on age)

5-6 Small
7-8 Medium
9-10 Large
11-12 Extra large

Swany Gloves and Mittens:  Fabric Content And Care 

Feature Name Description
DryShell Nylon and sythetic fabrics tested and used by Swany to meet high standards of repellency, durability and flexibility.
LeatherShield Top grain leathers, specifically tanned for durability, water repellency and suppleness.
SwanyDry A woven, synthetic lining material with soft, hydrophilic moisture management properties.
DuraGrip Synthetic palm materials, created by Swany, for superior flexibility, durability and grip.
Insuloft Premium, lofted, micro polyester insulation, which traps and holds warm air molecules.
Uni-Pull Cuff Easy one hand pull to tighten and release.
Aquaguard® Waterproof zippers from YKK®


A durable light weight laminate by WL Gore, which is sealed at the seams and fitted over the insulated layer of the glove providing total waterproof and breathable protection.  Gore-tex is a name you can trust when it comes to water repellent warm sport gloves and apparel.

Rolled Fingers Finger tip construction, which minimizes drag, and prevents excessive tip wear and tear.
Utility pocket Can be used for a heat pack, storing small articles, or a vent for cooling off and drying.
Primaloft A patented microfibre structure insulation created to replace down. Incredibly lightweight, soft and water repellent.
Dyna-Therm Premium lining. Fast moisture absorption and dispersal. Quick drying. Superior heat generating properties after moisture absorption. Very soft.
Thermotron Outer shell fabric with dual function that generates heat through absorption of visible and infrared rays from the sun and also reflects wearers IR rays back to the hand
Radiant Shield
Heat reflecting membrane technology. Reflects wearer’s radiant heat back to hand. Windproof, very breathable and non-conductive. Allows for excellent warmth with no bulk.

One of the premium makers of waterproof/breathable fabrics in the world. Makers of Stretch 5000 ET and ST-140.

 Glove Care

The surface of most gloves can be spot cleaned simply by gently rubbing the soiled area with a solution of Woolite and water.  Fabric gloves, even with leather palms, can be hand washed with "sports wash" or Woolite. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent. It is a good idea to have your hands inside your gloves during the wash & rinse process to help maintain the shape of the gloves. Soap has surfactants that reduce the surface tension of water and dramatically reduce waterproofness. (Nikwax or a similar waterproofing material, works best). Be sure never to wring out your gloves, it will ruin the internal stitching and lining materials. You need to let the gloves air dry away from direct heat.

Clean the outside of leather gloves with a mild leather cleaner. It is recommended that you have your hand inside your glove as you gently clean it. After cleaning, you should spray your gloves with a silicone spray to protect the leather. As for the inside of the glove: it is very difficult to clean the inside of gloves. You could try using Woolite on a cloth and gently cleaning the inside or try spraying the inside with Febreze. Then let them air dry.