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Ski Shop Service & Repair Rates

We offer full service installation, mounting, repair, and summerization services for skis and snowboards




Hot Wax Ski/Snowboard


Hot wax, scrape & polish

Stone Grind Tune-up


Level base with wet belt.  Stone grind base to factory specs.  Sharpen & de-burr edges.  Hand wax.

Binding Adjustment


Adjust & calibrate bindings.  Bindings that have to be removed & reinstalled will incur remount charge

Binding Mount


Install & calibrate bindings.  New skis are stripped of the packing wax & a new application of hot wax is applied.  Edges at the tip & tail are detuned

Binding Remount


Remove & reinstall bindings.  Old holes are plugged & bindings calibrated

Snowboard Binding Mount


Install & adjust bindings.  Adjust stance & provide instruction so customer can do this on their own

Base Weld / P-Tex Repair & Sheet Repair

$10 +

Fill in severe and/or excessive base gouges.  Repair delamination

Edge Repair

$35 +

Repair or replace broken or bent edges

Skis Summerized


Complete tune.  Release binding retention.  Wax left on without scraping.  Winter-scrape & polish base. Recalibrate bindings

 Call (404) 252-3216 and ask for the ski repair shop for more details, turn around time, etc.