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Ripzone Men's Snowboard Pants and Jackets

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RPZN™ is a Canadian snowboard brand that was founded in 1993 with the idea of developing quality, functional and technologically advanced products for the action sports enthusiast. RPZN™ is as passionate about the products they create as they are the sports and lifestyle they live and play. Their goal is to design, create and build the most authentic and quality products possible for action sports addicts around the world.  In addition to still being owned and operated by the two brothers who founded it, RPZN™ is proud to be celebrating a 20th anniversary this coming season. Canadian Born. Globally Minded.

Nothing ruins a day more than being cold and wet. Sometimes, regardless of the weather, we need to ride ‘cause we love it. That’s why RPZN put an unbelievable amount of time into choosing all of the right components. They meticulously scrutinize everything: the material that goes into the outer shells, the waterproof and breathable membranes, and which insulations will keep you warm. They pay attention to the little details that countdown to the quality of zippers (which are the best), and every finishing touch in between. RPZN has partnered with premier companies like Primaloft to keep you warm and dry.


BLUESIGN® - RPZN feels they have a responsibility to the environment, as it allows them to enjoy the sport they love. This year they have challenged their product team to come up with a global initiative that spans the entire product offering. Bluesign® fabrics have been added to every program.  Bluesign® fabrics are made responsibly in respect to the environment and the safety of workers. Keep an eye out for the icon telling you which garments have the global initiative, and look for even more next year as they strive to create a more sustainable product.

Through partnership with Primaloft they’ve also used ECO Friendly insulation made from post consumer waste in almost every garment in their line allowing them to continue their commitment to the environment without making sacrifices in their products.


PRIMALOFT® GOLD - The benchmark in performance of all synthetic insulations, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation is the go-to choice for adventurers looking for protection in extreme conditions. Microfibers trap body heat to make this the most thermally-ecient synthetic insulation available, with water-repellency that insulates even in the wettest weather – maintaining 98% of warmth when wet. These unmatched thermal properties also feature breathability, packability and outstanding softness - consider this the pinnacle of insulation performance.

PRIMALOFT® SILVER ECO - PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Eco uses post-consumer recycled materials to create the highest performing eco-friendly insulation available. The wet performance experts at the PrimaLoft® brand have combined this 70%-recycled fiber technology with a proprietary water-repellent treatment for immediate warmth without the bulk that keeps you comfortable in wet weather. Highly compressible, and with a soft feel that mimics goose down – the best-in-class eco-friendly insulation oers insulation that performs with a conscience.

PRIMALOFT® BLACK ECO - PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco features all the necessities for a thermally effecient insulation and adds the benefits of softness, packability, and loft. The performance experts at PrimaLoft® have combined 60%-recycled materials with advanced fiber technology to create a high performing eco-friendly insulation for immediate warmth without the bulk. This insulation delivers all the performance needed to tackle the adventures of every day.


In order to waterproof a garment, micro-porous coatings are laminated to the underside of the outer shell’s fabric. Invisible to the naked eye, the pores are large enough to allow perspiration vapour to escape, but small enough to create a weather-proof seal against rain and snow. The purpose is to keep you dry from the inside when you’re working hard, and the outside even when the snow’s really coming down. In order to accommodate consumers’ needs, RPZN has incorporated varying levels of waterproofing and breathability into their collections—all of which will keep you comfortable all day long.


The outer shell fabrics on almost all ski and snowboard garments are coated with DWR to ensure water immediately beads and runs off, keeping you as dry as possible. There are varying levels of DWR quality, and the biggest difference is how long the coating lasts.  RPZN uses an excellent grade of DWR throughout the product line. All garments have a rating of DWR 90, which drastically increases the life and performance of your jacket or pants. It also provides increased stain resistance. That’s awesome.


Every jacket or pant on the market has seams, and to ensure the waterproofing of the garment remains intact, the seams are "taped" in varying degrees based on their intended use—a jacket with a higher level of taping will keep more moisture out.

FULLY SEAMSEALED means absolutely every seam has been taped. This construction is perfect for people that put themselves in riding situations where they get wet. Deep powder on a sunny day or wet coastal snow is a perfect example.

CRITICALLY SEAMSEALED means that all of the major seams within the garment have been taped. This construction is extremely dependable in all conditions. If you don’t plan on getting soaked regularly, chances are that this construction will exceed your expectations.

STRATEGICALLY SEAMSEALED means the seams that are exposed, and most likely to come in contact with snow have been taped to provide additional protection against the elements. Don’t be swayed—this is a great and very dependable option and team riders like Kale Stephens choose to wear pants with this level of sealing exclusively.