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  • Burton Women's Profile (Smartphone) Mittens | 103921 in Stout White
  • Burton Women's Profile (Smartphone) Mittens | 103921 in True Black
  • Burton is well known for their Womens Snowboard Gloves and Mitts

Burton Profile Snowboard Mitten | Women's

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Burton Snowboard Mittens | Women's Profile | 103921  click-for-sizing-charts.png

You want your days on the mountain to begin and end with warm and dry hands, for sure.  We've heeded that call with premium fabrics and construction, and then added other desirable features, as well!

  • Screen Grab® Toughgrip Palm for Total Smartphone/Touchscreen Contol
  • Dryride Untashell 2-layer fabric
  • Thermacore Insulation
  • 300g Fixed Fleece Lining for comfort and warmth
  • Articulated fit
  • Removable wrist leashes

Age old question .. Between Gloves or Mittens - which one is better?

Talk about divisive ... this discussion can get pretty passionate, much like snowboarding vs. skiing, but it can be summed up here:  Gloves give you more dexterity and mittens have more inherent warmth.  It can be that simple, but only you can decide which is more important to you.  Here are some helpful tips whether you go with gloves or mitts:

  • When making a selection, normally, sizing and fit is fairly universal.  One brand's small is very similar in size to every other brands' small
  • Some styles simply feel better than others. 
    • Consider the bulkiness
    • Whether there is a fleece lining or not
    • Some pairs have relatively stiff articulated hand shapes
    • Some have a longer gauntlet to run up your sleeve further, with or without adjustable straps

Remember, a glove or mitt can make or break your day.  If you know from experience that cold and wet hands have  ruined your days, you might lean toward mittens on your next trip.  Gloves and mittens, for the most part, work on a centimeter measurement system.  When ordering online, you can always call or message us your hand circumference and length, and we can help you out!

Additional helpful tips regarding the fit of a glove or mitten:

  • Comfort is critical
  • Allow about 3/8" room at the end of your fingertips - this critical air space will help keep you warmer as the aire will provide an insulating factor
  • Make a fist with new gloves or mittens on.  If they seem tight, or the material pulls tightly across your knuckles, they are too small for you
  • A well fitted glove or mitt will be snug, but not tight, and will allow you to bend your fingers and make a fist, comfortably
  • You might want to be sure to allow even a little extra space, so that you can wear a breathable and insulating liner on the coldest days
  • If you run cold ... you should go with a more insulated model, or here again, remember that mittens, typically, are warmer than gloves
  • Mittens are somewhat more cumbersome, and may need to be pulled off more often than more dexterious gloves


Firstly, we want and need something that fits well and feels good! Gloves, just like boots and goggles can make or break your day. If you’ve got cold or wet hands, you’ll have a terrible time no matter how great the snow is. Gloves and mitts will fit on a basic length and width across different brands – so if you’ve tried on a Small in one brand, you’ll be a Small in another. They also work on a centimetre measurement, so when ordering online, you can always give us a call here at the store with your hand measurement and we can point you towards the perfect size for you.

When fitting a glove or mitt, there are a few key points that make them comfortable and practical:

  • There should always be about a fingernail length of extra room at the end of your fingertips – this keeps your body heat circulating throughout the air pocket properly and in turn keeps you toasty!
  • When trying gloves and mittens on, make a fist. If the fabric stretches across the top of your knuckles, they’re definitely too small. There shouldn’t be any tension, and should fit nice and snug, but not too tight.
  • Often, we also recommend wearing a liner underneath – this can aid in breathability and insulation. Make sure to leave enough room for these.

Do you run on the colder side? This can determine what kind of insulation you need as some models are definitely warmer than others. As a general rule, mittens are always going to be slightly warmer than gloves. This is because they create a larger air pocket, and keep more body heat circulating throughout compared to a glove. Have a look at the Burton Gore-Tex Mitt here. Unfortunately though, mittens can inhibit mobility so sometimes it is necessary to remove your mitt to do your bindings up answer a call or to eat your snack on the chairlift… To be honest though, more often than not, even when wearing gloves you may find you need to take them off as well.

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