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K2 Size Chart

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General Boot Sizing Guide

As a general rule of thumb your snowboard boots should fit like any other boot that you have in the house - be it a hiking, work or motocross boot. The key is that you should have some toe movement along with a solid heel hold. With time you're boots will 'break in'. The padding within the boot will compact and you may experience a slight increase in space. This is why it is critical that a boot fit snug both as it relates to the toe movement as well as to the heel hold.

Heel Hold: The most important concern when sizing a boot is you're heel hold. To get a proper sense of a boot's performance you absolutely must lace it up and give it a good go. If you want to take it to the next level, strap yourself into your bindings, placing your other foot on the board, and check to see if you can lift your heel within the boot. A shortcut for this is to stand on the toe of your boot and go through the same steps.

Toe Feel: If you are in doubt as to where the pressure on your toes is coming from, simply pull out the insole and measure your foot against it. If the length is ok then you know that the pressure you're feeling is not because your boot is too small, rather the pressure is coming from the padding that surrounds your toe. With just a few hours of riding, or walking around your house, this pressure will be eliminated once the padding compresses

Custom Fit: Not all riders find themselves in possession of the perfect foot. It's either too long and skinny or short and wide. This is where aftermarket foot beds or heat moldable liners come into play. A number of today's boots are equipped with a liner that will mold to your foot once worn a few times. A less expensive option is the old reliable Dr.Scholl's foot beds that not only give you a comfy ride but also serves to take up some of that extra room that you may have in your boot.

Sizing the younger rider

The vast majority of the groms out there, provided that they are not in the toddler stages, can rock any adult boot on the market - provide the sizing is available. The really little ones however need to focus on the really little boots ranging in size from 1 to 13. These boots are not only cut shorter but they also offer the support that these big helmet wearing trolls need when bombing the hill.

For the younger riders please use the following measurements as a loose guide in selecting the proper boot sizing. To determine your child's mondo point size, you can measure the length of your foot sole in centimeters. This measurement will be your mondo point size.