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Fit | Warmth | Waterproofing Guidelines @ Rocky Mountain Ski and Board

Fit | Warmth | Waterproof Rating System

At Rocky Mountain Ski and Board, we like to give you as much information as we can on the Category Pages so you don't have to visit every product page.  We hope this rating system helps you narrow down your selection and shopping time.  On the Category Page, for instance, "Women's Ski Pants," you'll typically see (underneath the product photos and color swatches) first, available size information followed by ratings that cover Fit, Warmth and Waterproofing of the garment.

What do our ratings mean? 

  1. FIT Guidance | Here, we give you an idea if fit is loose, regular, tight, mid-rise, low-rise, stretch, and sometime other tidbits
  2. WARMTH Factor | Here, we give a ranking between the items on our site, and here is a guideline:
    • Synthetic Insulation (good insulating materials)
      1. Superior (100+ g)
      2. Excellent (80-99 g)
      3. Very Good (30-79 g)
      4. Good (20-29 g and/or other lightweigt level of insulation)
      5. Light (10-19 g and/or other lightweight level of insulation)
      6. Minimal ( e.g., Shell )
    • Down (The higher the number, the warmer.  Goose Down is warmer/preferred vs. duck down and will get a rating boost)
      1. 800+ Superior
      2. 700-799 Excellent
      3. 600-699 Exceptionally Good
      4. 500-599 Very Good
      5. 200-499 Good
  3. WATERPROOF Rating | Typically rated in Water Column Pressure, but also sealed seams give a boost to a rating
    • Excellent 20K mm/sealed seams/GoreTex, etc.
    • Very Good 10-19K mm/sealed seams, typical
    • Good 7-9K mm
    • Resistant (

General Information on Warm and Waterproofing Ratings for Ski Apparel.

We hope our system helps simplify the selection process for you!  Additionally, be aware that some of this information is subjective, subject to interpretation of manufacturers' published data, personal experience and as such, is subject to change and/or correction.