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Tips For Your Family’s Snow Camping Trip

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Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors with your family. At Rocky Mountain Ski & Board, snow camping is one of our favorite activities, and if it is one of yours, you have probably wondered about whether your kids could handle it or not. The good news is that children absolutely love snow camping, as long as you take the proper approach. Here are our tips for snow camping with your family:

Layer Up

It should go without saying that it is going to be chilly, so it is very important to layer. The layers you choose should retain heat, but not moisture. Particularly if you pair your snow camping with skiing or snowshoeing, you will all get sweaty, and you will have to teach your child to remove layers when they sweat in order to avoid freezing. Make sure you try on any winter gear before leaving the house so you know ahead of time if anything needs to be replaced. Shop Rocky Mountain Ski & Board for all the winter apparel you need to keep warm and cozy on your trip! Check out our selection of kid’s ski jackets, or pick up a Bogner ski jacket or Descente ski pants for yourself.

Stay Hydrated

You may be less inclined to think about it during winter, but that dry, cold air can dehydrate you quickly. Be sure to pack a lot of water, and consider bringing along juice boxes or powdered drink flavors if you have trouble getting your child to drink water alone.

Eat Up Those Calories

When you are in the cold, your body is working extra hard to keep you warm. You need to load up on a lot of carbohydrates and calories in order to survive, so forget your diet for the day and stock up on highly caloric foods. This could be a fun additional treat for your child; after all, what kid is going to turn down an extra candy bar?

Now you are ready to snow camp with your whole family! Shop Rocky Mountain Ski & Board for the best ski gear out there!