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Snowshoeing For Beginners

Mar 21st 2016

If you love hiking in the great outdoors, there is no reason to wait until summer to get out into nature; that’s why there is snowshoeing! At Rocky Mountain Ski & Board, we love hiking and all winter sports, so you can imagine that we also find snowshoeing to be a fun winter activity. Snowshoeing is very simple to learn, and does not take much practice. If you are ready to snowshoe, here is our guide to preparing for your first snowshoeing excursion:

Get The Right Gear

When it comes to snowshoeing, the right shoes will determine exactly how much you enjoy your excursion. Waterproof running shoes are sufficient for less strenuous trails, but if you plan on going off the trail, you should invest in waterproof boots, like these Sorel Men's Boots. Additionally, though you don’t have to get them, a pair of ski poles may prove very helpful, especially for additional traction off trails. We recommend these Leki Ski Poles for their easy length adjustment and comfortable grip. Clearly, you will also need snowshoes to go snowshoeing. Opt for a pair that fit your needs. For groomed trails, go for lighter pair; for when you venture off trail, you will want a pair with a heel lift and strong crampon.

Addtionally, this may seem obvious, but keep in mind that you will be out in the harsh winter wind, and will want to properly layer to ensure that you will be comfortable. When you need a new winter jacket, try this Women's Descente Ski Jacket or Men's Bogner Ski Jacket on for size!

Get The Right Technique

First of all, be safe. If you are venturing backcountry, research current conditions and plan your route. Be sure to be prepared for an emergency by packing a first aid kit, food, and water. If you are starting your journey early in the morning, the snow may be very firm, so step cautiously until you have assessed the iciness of the snow. When you are going up steeper terrain, make use of your heel lift to save yourself some fatigue. You can use your pole to lift your heel lifts out of the snow to save yourself some energy.

Snowshoeing is a simple and fun activity to enjoy during the winter months. For all the best winter gear, shop Rocky Mountain Ski & Board today!