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North Face Ski Jackets: General Ski Lift Safety

Apr 5th 2016

If you have children, you'll understand the universal response that parents get when their kids start riding chairlifts. Here at Rocky Mountain Ski & Board, we aren't only interested in selling products like our premier North Face ski jackets, we're also interested in education and safety on the slopes. Today we're going to give you a few basic safety tips that you and your children can follow so that everyone is safe on the lift.

  • Remember, seat to seat and back to back. This is an easy one for kids to grasp! Teach them that they should always put their backs up against the back of the chair in the chairlift. Kids naturally have shorter legs so it's easy for them to want to sit on the edge of their seat so that their knees can bend but this isn't a safe position for them.
  • Take your time! Don't get in a hurry. Even if the line is long, if your child (or you) isn't ready to get on the chair lift, let the chair go by or let someone go in front of you. It's also completely okay to ask the chairlift operator if they can slow down a fast-fixed lift if you or your children are nervous about getting on.
  • Remember best behaviors. While chairlifts are fun and most people love them, it's important that you and your children aren't taking risks on them. Never bounce, rock, wiggle, or turn around in the chairlifts. We know you can't control your kids when they're riding without you, but you can educate them and set good examples for them.