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Bogner Ski Jackets: Snowshoe Safety Tips

Mar 25th 2016

Here at Rocky Mountain Ski and Board, you'll love our great selection of Bogner ski jackets and accessories to keep you warm on the slopes and snowshoe trails. Today we're looking at some great snowshoe safety tips that you can use to your advantage whether you're a novice or pro. While snowshoeing has a fairly low barrier of entry, this can also create the inclination that you don't have to be as prepared. To ensure that you're safe when snowshoeing, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • You need fuel. You can dehydrate just as easily in the winter as you can in the summer. When you're snowshoeing, you're burning a lot of calories per hour and using a lot of energy. This means that you need to really consider what you're eating and drinking both before and during your excursion. Eat easily digestible, small meals and whole foods like fresh juice smoothies and easy snacks like PB&Js or a thermos of warm soup.
  • Be prepared! Hypothermia, altitude sickness, frostblte, falls, and getting lost are all real threats while snowshoeing. Make sure you've recently taken a first aid course as this can really help with your vulnerability to these risks. Make sure you have a first aid kit packed, as well as some tinder, matches, a knife, and anything else that may save you some grief. Don't overpack, though!
  • Know your limits. It's okay to be honest with yourself and others about your limitations and it's honestly the responsible thing to do.