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Top Summer Ski Destinations 2019

Posted by Rocky Mountain Ski and Board on

As the North American ski season begins to wind down in late Spring, our friends in other parts of the world are gearing up to hit the slopes. For anyone trying to find a ski or snowboard adventure, this is the time! From South America to Europe to Australia, locations across the world offer first class skiing and snowboarding experiences and we’ve looked at a few that we think you might enjoy. Check out three of our picks for 2019 Summer skiing below.

One location we think you’ll love is Tres Valles, Chile. This is not a single resort, but a cluster of three valleys that are home to three great ski resorts. These ski resorts, El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado, offer the best of the Andes mountain range with alpine terrain and high elevations. This area is our pick for convenience to North America. Tres Valles is one of the closer Summer skiing locations to the U.S. and is conveniently located close to Santiago, Chile. Tres Valles offers terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders and with three different resorts, you have options to choose from in order to get the best experience for your personal needs. Check outPowderQuest to see which resort works best for you and for tips on how to start planning your trip.

Our pick for experienced skiers looking for a trip that is all about shredding the slopes

Our next recommendation keeps us in South America with Las Lenas ski resort in Argentina. This is our pick for experienced skiers looking for a trip that is all about shredding the slopes. Las Lenas offers steep slopes and off-piste skiing while also having a few slopes for some beginner to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Las Lenas is known for being a remote destination that is visited by ski fanatics that don’t need many other activities in the area to keep them occupied. Here it’s all about the slopes and a laid-back pace of life. Ski.comraves about Las Lenas, “If a laid-back, uncrowded South America ski vacation with excellent snow, and film-worthy lines, and more terrain than you can imagine sounds like a trio up your alley, then, what are you waiting for?”. If your anything like us, this sounds like the place to be!

Family friendly, convenient, and accommodating- three things that we think best describe The Remarkables. This ski field just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand has slopes for every level of skier and is our pick for a great family friendly skiing experience. puts is best, “…whether for family fun, numerous off-piste runs or dedicated freestyle areas, The Remarkables has something for everyone.” With the proximity to Queenstown and additional lodging a little closer to the mountain, finding a place to stay with the whole family is not an issue. Finding activities after your day on the slopes is not a problem either. While the mountain has plenty of restaurants and bars, Queenstown has its own attractions and family friendly nightlife. You can easily turn this ski trip into a family vacation that involves exploring New Zealand as well.

If these three destinations don’t sound like an adventure then we encourage you to check out some other Summer destinations, as there are always some slopes to shred. We’ll be here in the Georgia heat living vicariously through you and wishing we were in on the action. We’d love to hear any feedback on your experiences from these destinations this Summer!

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