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Top Summer Ski Destinations 2019

Posted by Rocky Mountain Ski and Board on Mar 20th 2019

Top Summer Ski Destinations 2019
As the North American ski season begins to wind down in late Spring, our friends in other parts of the world are gearing up to hit the slopes. For anyone trying to find a ski or snowboard adventure, this is the time! From South America to Europe to Australia, locations across the world offer first class skiing and snowboarding experiences and we’ve looked at a few that we think you might enjoy. Check out three of our picks for 2019 Summer skiing below.One location we think you’ll love is
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Storing Your Gear For The Off-Season

Apr 8th 2016

It is sad but true: ski season is winding down, and it is almost time to start storing your winter gear for the spring and summer. However, it is not as easy as throwing your skis into the garage for the off-season; there are proper ways to store your winter gear to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape for next season. At Rocky Mountain Ski & Board, we are acutely aware of how much of an investment skiing equipment is, and how important it is to ski bums like us. Therefore, we have composed som
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North Face Ski Jackets: General Ski Lift Safety

Apr 5th 2016

If you have children, you'll understand the universal response that parents get when their kids start riding chairlifts. Here at Rocky Mountain Ski & Board, we aren't only interested in selling products like our premier North Face ski jackets, we're also interested in education and safety on the slopes. Today we're going to give you a few basic safety tips that you and your children can follow so that everyone is safe on the lift. Remember, seat to seat and back to back. This is an easy one for
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10 Common Skiing Myths

Apr 1st 2016

Regardless of whether you have skied all your life or you are brand new to skiing, there is a lot of misinformation about skiing out there that you may not realize. Here are 10 common myths we hear about skiing:MYTH: You should bend your knees while you ski.This is not a safe way to ski. When you bend your knees and sit back, you become off-balance. You should bend at the ankles instead, which will cause your hips and knees to follow along and keep you centered. MYTH: Lean forward while you ski.
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North Face Ski Jackets: Avalanche Safety Tips

Mar 30th 2016

Rocky Mountain Ski & Board is a premier source of winter accessories and North Face ski jackets. Our mission isn't just to sell products, but also help save lives. After all, education is just as important as your gear, right? That's why we support avalanche education and today we're here to give you some general tips about avalanche awareness before your next trip into the mountains. Check the weather forecast and avalanche forecast. The sources on the internet today are incredible vast and he
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